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kisho kurokawa

Osaka International Conference Centre - Osaka, Japan

Start Date: November 1997 | Completion Date: 1999

Unbonded brace frames at work in Osaka

The Osaka International Convention Centre in Nakanoshima, Osaka, Japan, opened to the public in March 2000. Osaka is in a region of high seismicity and the safety of the structure in strong earthquakes was a key design requirement.

In Japan, the seismic performance of tall buildings has to be demonstrated explicitly using non-linear time history seismic response analysis. Arup Advanced Technology Group developed the seismic concept and performed the analytical justification for this project.

Unbonded brace frames

The design incorporates the newly developed ‘Unbonded Brace’ components to absorb seismic energy by plastic deformation. Each brace comprises a core of low-yield steel plate, debonded from a concrete ‘jacket’ cast around it in a steel tube. The two ends of the steel core are connected to the structure as for a conventional brace. The concrete filled tube is not connected to the rest of the structure but provides lateral restraint to prevent the brace core from buckling. This results in an element that yields and absorbs energy equally well in tension and compression. The incorporation of these elements enabled this unusual building to achieve a high degree of seismic tolerance with reasonable overall steel weight.

Dettagli: Osaka International Conference Centre, Osaka [pdf]  (377Kb)

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disegni di architettura - indice dwg - architectural drawings


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