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Sports - Sports facilities - games
Games for children
Gym equipment 2D 3D
Sport complex 2D  
Services - changing rooms 2D  
Sauna - Turkish bath 2D  
Sports Building sections 2D  
Spectators Tribune 2D 3D
Athletics 2D  
Baseball 2D 3D
Basket 2D 3D
Beach Tennis 2D  
Beach Volley 2D  
Billiard 2D 3D
Boules/pétanque pitch 2D  
Boxe 2D 3D
Bowling 2D 3D
Football - soccer fields 2D 3D
5-a-side football 2D  
Artistic gymnastics 2D  
Golf 2D  
Hockey 2D  
Horse trekking - riding centers 2D  
Paddle Tennis 2D  
Volley 2D 3D
Ice skating 2D  
Roller skating rink 2D  
Ping pong 2D 3D
Swimming pools 2D 3D
Rugby 2D 3D
Squash 2D  
Skate 2D 3D
Taekwondo 2D  
Archery 2D  
Karate 2D  
Tennis 2D 3D
Figures - Player Shapes
Symbols for sports
Games for children - spaces for the game
Gaming room / Casinos
dwg index
Sports - Sports facilities - games
Games for children
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