T E S I   D I   L A U R E A  I N  P R O G E T T A Z I O N E   A R C H I T E T T O N I C A
Tesi di Laurea di Flavia Restaldi

A.A. 2009-2010


Universitā di Roma "La Sapienza" Facoltā di Architettura " Valle Giulia " - Corso di Laurea in Architettura UE

Relatori Prof. arch. Alfonso Giancotti e Carola Clemente

Correlatori esterni: Prof. arch. Javier Fernandez Castro / Juan Pablo Negro / dott. Paz Ochotego
The Villa 21.24 is the biggest shantytown in the City of Buenos Aires, that is localized in a peripheral and industrial area, near the meander river Riachuelo, the south city limit.
The knowledge of characteristics of this particular territory has got the aim to resolve the housing emergency. Through the community design between the Neighbourhood and the City, the architect is the main character. Only with questionnaires, visits, meetings he analyzes and works out the needs briefing. The surrounding landscape is industrial, so the conversion is necessary to built new housing system. “No house already built, Nobody move” is the urban concept. The aim is to start the urbanization and to change the slum in a quarter of the city. Building, Moving and
Demolishing are three necessary and sufficient conditions to improve the 21.24’s social situation and the coexistence between two realities: formal and informal. Conversing, Building and Consolidating are the urban plan instruments to change the feelings of the two Cities:
_ Informal City, belong to the Neighbours, have to occupy spaces to have a house, that should be a right.
_ Formal City, belong to Porteņos, Buenos Aires’ habitants, afraid for the Slums, criminal and violent place.




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