Z a h a   H a d i d  Architecture Foundation building


Zaha Hadid has been announced as the winning architect for the new Architecture Foundation building.

A free public exhibition, designed by thomas.matthews, showing the shortlisted designs for the building will run from 13 - 23 January at The Ragged School, 47 Union Street, London SE1.

The Architecture Foundation building is designed as a solid structural element, which lends itself to a sense of limitless possibilities.
A solid concrete ribbon is folded over itself to generate the structural lining of the building. It wraps itself around a full height atrium which is delineated by a transparent envelope of glass.

The dichotomy between the powerful sculptural mass of the structure and the visual permeability of the envelope create a bold and emblematic frame of natural light and shadow that serves as a portal for maintaining visual and pedestrian connections through the building and its site.

The simple yet robust structure creates a straightforward iconographic element, while maintaining a potential to reuse and rethink the space due to the innate flexibility of its open plan. The atrium in the centre, an element additional to the competition brief, creates an area that can be rethought and refilled with different installations, ranging from media events to large-scale architectural prototypes, while allowing clear sightlines from and through the building.

The entrance leads into the large exhibition space, visually exposed to the exterior. The concrete ribbon circulates users and visitors through the different functional areas, creating a spatial continuum. Office spaces are located on the first floor, above which a bar is located with a breathtaking view towards the exhibition space and the exterior. The cantilevered element at the top hosts a flexible exhibition space, where a succession of spaces of various scales allows for a variety of uses, such as multimedia exhibitions or talks and debates.


The environmental performance of the building takes full advantage of the concrete ribbon as an opportunity to generate a natural ventilation system, circulating fresh air from the ground floor to ventilate the upper floors. Motorised skylights and openings in the atrium roof ensure sufficient air outlets, and provide natural daylighting at the upper levels.
The immediate openness of The Architecture Foundation building exposes its interior to the exterior thus making itself available to the public and its immediate surroundings. It folds the city around it inwards and creates a centre of knowledge with a dramatic new perspective.

Fonte:  http://www.architecturefoundation.org.uk

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