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Inhabited Flying Carpet: artificial reality on city center.

When nature fails to provide, human imagination and intelligence answer its call. A new concept for a new challenge: The bringing of life to morphologically sterile places, near urbanized and organized areas as cities and airports.

Steel, glass and reinforced concrete can be assembled by special technique called “static equilibrium” which allows for the creation of unique structures in infinite spaces. As the magic carpet of Aladdin has seen a new world to his princess, the Inhabited Flying Carpet shows how to artificial reality insert in "vacuum" spaces, near centers and cities.

Glass, steel and cement become a synonym with agriculture, farm, services, and urbanization.

Thanks to the intelligent union of structural and functional elements, the carpet has amazing form that evokes aspects of Mediterranean culture and its fantastic Aladdin legend and his magic carpet. Hence fourth the shape of the carpet becomes then an expression of conceptual design derived from the Arab culture.

In few words, the carpet is a union of technology and sustainability. Looking for a inexpert that the concept is utopian, a vision for the future, not for technical reasons but because the world is used to a living as a community. Once the carpet is built it can flourish as a wonder of the world, a point of attraction, a place where dreams come alive and meet reality. This Flying carpet enables and a new form of living, a safe, secure environment for life to flourish with no need from its outside resources.

The elements of the project

The Flying carpet has been specifically designed to be implemented over the freeways, directly over the main entrances of the cities. The parking garages will be built under this magnificent structure, it is 20,000 meters square equipped to host hundreds of cars and buses.

It is extremely important to note that the carpet has more than 15.000 meters squared of living, commercial and productive spaces, it’s a huge village, with dimension: 120m x 450 m x 170m.


Wind – The “Tornado” glass structures and building accesses. 

The carpet accesses have been inserted in the glass columns. These new and unique columns host the main entrances allowing you to go in and out the belly of the structure.

Thanks to this one of a kind column design the structure can be seen as a flying carpet. The tornadoes shaped column design composed of steel and glass host the stairs, elevators and offices.

Light – Holes for light and energy production
The Carpet roof has a series of ellipses and holes to provide light to the belly of the structure. Each ellipse consists of glass strips and photovoltaic materials that capture the light and transform it into energy, accumulating and distributing it to the entire structure.

Taking advantage of solar energy allows for electricity to be distributed to the entire building focusing on powering our needs. The carpet is autonomous and independent, no central electrics are needed allowing this Flying carpet to be built in distant places that connection to electricity in no existent. We can say that this structure is a self sufficient inhabitable green living quarters that minimizes environmental impact.

The main structure is composted of two arches that support the main static loads, thanks to steel cables the loads travel from one arch to another arch to give the flying carpet its foundation.

To provide sufficient resistance to the massive loads, the arches will be built from steel core.  Thanks to the corten coat, the arches appear like a natural part of desert landscape.


Earth – Garden and farm in the carpet.

The construction of highways and freeways always take away the precious ground especially now more than ever. The project overcomes this problem by introducing  an artificial garden, giving the landscape a higher value. 

Through new technologies an artificial farm can be created in the belly of the structure, exactly in the upper part of the suspension cylinder. This farm can give provide and vegetables for all the inhabitants of the flying carpet. With introducing water in to the belly of the carpet a comfortable habitat with moderate temperature can be created sustained.


A farm will be created in the carpet exactly in the bottom part of the suspension cylinder, supporting life for cows, sheep's, rabbits and chickens to produce natural products life sustaining products. Food processing activities such as (small laboratories to make bread, cheese and yogurt) are present in the structure to support agricultural productions.

Furthermore the structure will host offices, homes, supermarkets and many other services such as  (hairdresser-beautician, laundry, nursery, stores and restaurants); the visitors can taste the organic products harvested right there in the Flying carpet.


Urban center

The Inhabited Flying Carpet can dialog with the surrounding area, a real urban center able to manage it self that can also communicate with the outside without isolation.

Hence the form becomes an expression of a conceptual design inspired from the culture where the structure can be placed; the concept can be applied in other areas, with attention to architectural and environmental solutions.
These characteristics make the one of a kind wonder of the world a special project that can be inserted in city centers around the world and or at the main entrances without preoccupation. Inserting a structure of dreams without damaging the surrounding landscape allows this structure to inspire the people, a structure of beauty and a community of strength.
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